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Swirly Paths 2 - With GUI!

Wiggly lines make fun patterns!
And there's a GUI to modify any of the patterns and create your ideal!

For different modes: numbers 1-0 (and !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *)
For a fully random mode: r

Show/hide the GUI: g
New run with current settings: spacebar or click
Automatic switching mode: a
Random automatic switching mode: R
Wraparound: w
Pause: p
Blank screen: b

Galaxy Collision!

This is basically simulation of some galaxies hitting each other.

Main controls:
Hit 1, 2, 3 for different setups
Rotate with the arrow keys or WASD.
For 3D glasses mode, hit 'g'

Zoom in, out: + -
Less, more stars: { }
Slow down, speed up: [ ]
Pause: p
Turn on trails: f
Invert glasses distance: i
Reset everything: r

Lines Around Objects

I was inspired by the wallpaper at:

Toggle horizontal lines: 1
Toggle vertical lines: 2

Draw the stretched image: i

You can change the speed at which it converges with q and a
If it's jittering back and forth, slow it down with "a"
To squeeze the top more/less: w and s
To squeeze the edges more/less: e and d
To toggle smoothing: "f" for 'fancy'

Number of lines less/more: - and =
Vertical refinement less/more: [ and ]
Number of objects less/more: ; and '

Toggle drawing:
Barriers: b
Points: p
Lines: l

Fill in the Blanks

It does its best to fill in the screen with 300 regular polygons.

Reset: spacebar or click
Toggle colors: 'c'
Toggle fast growth: 'g'
Flip background color: 'b'

Trees in the Wind

This is a tree with its leaves and branches blown in the wind.
Numbers 1-7: various types of trees!

Of course, there're tons of ways to modify this!
Every time you click, a new tree is drawn.
Make the leaves more/less transparent: -,=
Make the branches more/less wiggly: q,a
Fatter/thinner branches: e,d
More/less leaves: r,f
Bigger/smaller leaves: t,g
Reset all: z
Change leaves to black: c
Toggle leaves: l
Show veins (really slow): n

Tree Section

For a new section, click or hit the spacebar

To change stuff:
Growth rate more/less: -,=
Randomness more/less: [,]
Reset all: r

Interactive Spiral Roots

Blank screen: spacebar
Toggle Colors: c
Toggle Transparency: t
Toggle infinite drawing: i
Toggle growth/shrinkage: s
Reset: r
Faster, Slower: +, =
More, Less turns: _, -
Larger, Smaller: {, [
More, Less roots: }, ]
More, less stripe: ',"
Faster, slower stripes: ;,:

Rorschach Generator

To see how this works, hit 'f' to disable the filter. You'll see that the balls are darkest at the center and lightest at the outside. The filter gets rid of everything lighter than the threshold, and turns everything else black.

Various modes of motion: 1-7
Reset everything: z
Toggle Rorschach mode: r
Cycle through shapes: s
Invert shape: i
Invert colors toggle: b
Random/BW color switch: c
Pause motion: p
Filter toggle: f
Discrete/Continuous: d

Change number of balls: _,+
Change radius: -,=
Change discretization steps: {,}
Adjust threshold: [,]

Wiggling Tentacles!

I couldn't find the perfect balance of curliness and wiggliness, so it's user-modifiable!
To add,remove tentacles: },]
To make it more,less curly: {,[

Reset: r
Randomize colors: c
Toggle suckers: s;
Change positions: l;

So it's hard to qualify exactly what these do, but to change some wiggliness parameters, fool around with -,_ and =,+

Swirly Paths

The path-maker stops when it hits a line.
For different modes, hit the numbers 0-9

Detailed settings:
Reset while saving your settings: spacebar
For infinite growth, press i
Toggle fading: f
Blank screen: b
Total reset: r
Toggle colors: c
Toggle intersections: p
Change start location: l
Faster, slower moving particles: +,=
Faster, slower turning particles: _,-
Bigger, smaller paths: {,[
More, fewer path-makers: },]
Toggle sinusoidal growth: s
Faster, slower frequency: ",'
Ratio of sizes in sinusoidal mode: :,;
Faster, slower fading: .,/

Lost in a Forest

A warning; generating many trees at a time is very processor-intensive.

Clicking generates a new set of trees.
For more trees, press '=' or '+'
For less trees, press '-' or '_'
Spacebar clears the screen.
To toggle snow on the branches, press 's'
To toggle blur, press 'b'

Lightning Storm

It's a storm!
For an instant strike, click the mouse on the applet
To turn on/off storm mode, hit 's'
To make the bolts come faster/slower, hit '-','='
To disable/enable fading, hit 'f'
For random colors, hit 'c'
And for yellow, hit 'c' again
To clear the screen, hit spacebar
To reset it, hit 'r'

Interactive Roots

I saw Ian Dixon's "Roots" and was inspired to make this.
This is built from the ground up, with a pile of user commands!

So, the commands (click the applet before trying these):
Blank screen: b
Toggle Colors: c
Toggle outlines: o
Toggle Transparency: t
Toggle infinite drawing: i
Circular (polar) boundary: p
Rectangular boundary: r
Toggle growth/shrinkage: s
Reset: spacebar
Faster, Slower: +, =
More, Less turns: _, -
Larger, Smaller: {, [
More, Less roots: }, ]
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