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B-Spline Coaster

A small example showing how to make a 2D rollercoaster using b-splines.

Press any key to clear and click to add control points for the track.

This is a work in progress, the idea is to implement this in 3D and have the program automatically generate an interesting track to travel along. See my previous sketch to see what I am aiming for.


Important! Uses features from the processing 2.0 beta and won't run in the browser (at least it does not work on my end). You need to download it and run it in Java-mode.

This is a rough prototype of what I have been working on lately - a procedurally generated roller coaster. In the future it will be able to generate tracks that are a bit more interesting than what it currently does, perhaps with some additional scenery as well. Hopefully it will also support twists and banked turns, but I need to work out the maths for that.


I was inspired by the computer interfaces in the movie 2001 to make this. I liked the retro futuristic view of how computer interfaces would look like today so I decided to recreate it.

Really happy with the result, especially the way it can merge groups of displays into one big, though some behavior could be tuned for better results.

Uses fastBlur by Mario Klingemann.

Apologies for any bad word accidentally generated!


Update: Fixed bug in the cryosleep handling. Sorry for any problems that might have occurred.

The result of some experiments on rotating concentric rings. I wanted to create some sort of system for making animations and interactions between a group of rings. A lot of effort was put into developing a way of representing such interactions in a useful way. I'm happy with the results, but the code got a bit messier than I would have wanted.

The HAL theme just sort of happened.

Actual update: Added bias for sparser rings, fixed startup animation, tuned some sequence functions.

Confined Particle

Animated version of my CFDG design http://www.contextfreeart.org/gallery/view.php?id=2842 .

There is some room for optimization, so I might return to this some day.

Uses fastBlur by Mario Klingemann.


Click to shoot lightning!

Uses fastBlur by Mario Klingemann, http://incubator.quasimondo.com/processing/superfast_blur.php

This will be a part of creating an animated version of one of my CFDG designs, which can be seen at http://www.contextfreeart.org/gallery/view.php?id=2842

particle emitters

Press r to restart with new, random parameters.
Can get pretty slow as there is currently no limit to the number of particles allowed.


Click and drag to alter the flow of the particles.
Press 's' to see the flow field and how it evolves.


Type on your keyboard and the particles will talk back.


Left mouse button to add particles.
Right mouse button to change color.

Implementation of the Cinder introduction tutorial by Robert Hodgin, with a bit of customization.

Double Pendulum

Simulation of a double pendulum. Click to restart with new, random parameters.
Some issues to work out with the drawing, and the friction model is pretty much pulled out of the blue. Still happy with the result!
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