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Yanyi Jiang

Epic Graffiti

Add cute stamps to these buildings to make them crazy!
Key direction:
1. left/right arrow: navigate through different backgrounds
t: colorful trees
s: shaded circles.
p: draws pink graffiti
v: draws violet graffiti
y: draws yellow graffiti
c: draws clouds
f: stamps footprint at mouse location
b: stamps birds at mouse location
e: stamps elephant at mouse location
l: stamps lips at mouse location
m: stamps tentacles at mouse location
g: stamps grass at mouse location
3. SPACEBAR: clear


Move your mouse to reveal the surprise image.
Press right or left arrow keys to shift between images.
Press SHIFT to change between effects. 
All source images hand-painted by Sunny.


Move your mouse to reveal the image. Press shift to change effects.
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