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Many moving cars

A study in objects, arrays, randomness, and for-loops.

Bouncy Balls v2

This ball world contains green, red, and blue balls.

Watch the program execute and study it so you can replicate what it does.

Every time a ball collides with another, it loses some integrity. When that integrity becomes negative the ball splits into two.

Green balls are 'neutral', and splits into a red and blue ball. Occasionally a ball will get enraged and turn orange and speed up a lot. Red balls are aggressive and will 'chase' blue balls. Blue balls are defensive and will run away from red balls. Sometimes balls of the same color will merge into a larger ball of the same color.

Ball bug

This is the Processing sketch we made in class the other day. The ball should bounce off the east wall, but instead it gets stuck and jitters around for a while. See if you can debug it.

(1) Find the bug
(2) Characterize the bug
(3) Fix the bug
(4) Verify you fixed it

You don't need to post any code. This is just practice.
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