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2009 Worldwide HIV Statistics

A visualization of the 2009 HIV statistics of 147 countries. Each country’s statistics are represented by a transparent circle drawn at its geographical location. The size of the circle is dependent on the number of people living with HIV in the country and the color of the circle is dependent on the percentage living with HIV.

< 1% living with HIV: green to yellow
> 1%: yellow to red

Hover over the center of a country circle (marked by a smaller, brighter circle) to view that country's statistics, which will be printed in the bottom right.

Expand the sketch to view properly.

Desert Sunset

Click in the sky to draw stars and on the ground to draw cacti. Linear perspective.

Lantern Light

This program draws functionalized lanterns and flowers. The placement and size of each lantern and flower can be changed easily, as can the color of each flower's bud.

Gradient Code - Based off of Professor Dianna Xu's class example.

Bedroom in Arles

Reproduction of Van Gogh's "Bedroom in Arles" (the third version, September 1889).
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