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Rainbow Muncher - final version

Final Project for Processing.

By Ryanne Hollies, Emily Nicholishen and Erin Brazeau

PS1 - 6

Create a composition that evokes symmetry. You must use loops.

PS1 - 5

Draw an 8x8 checker board. You must use loops and conditionals.

PS1 - 4

Draw an 8x8 grid. You must use loops.

PS1 - 3

Modify your representational picture so that it changes according to the mouse position and only when the mouse button is pressed. That could include shapes following the mouse, changing their colour or size according to the mouse and so on.

PS1 - 2

Create a representational picture (a drawing that looks like something) using simple geometric shapes. Make
it either cute or evil.

I chose cute.

PS1 -1

Create a composition that evokes an emotion by carefully placing 5 circles or dots on the canvas. You can
use colour if you want to. Use a comment to let me know what emotion you are representing.
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