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Lorenz Mandala

Lorenz equations (again) used to drive a mandala. Takes a while to get started, I suggest you stare at the grey circle for some time.

Updates: Windows now are coloured, the circles move in a different fashion (still circle around, but their speed is proportional to the central spin).

You can now use arrow keys to control the mandala.

Lorenz Yin Yang

The Lorenz attractor math used to drive a Yin Yang spinning and balancing itself.


Yay for small code random beautiful.

Click mouse to restart with different values.

Lorenz with fluid

Now with neon glow!

Gets slow pretty fast, tho. The sketch with only the fluid works fine with 30000+ particles, but when I couple it with the phase system visualizer... :/

Lorenz Attractor viewer

A viewer for Lorenz Attractor with a control panel for setting parameters. Uses Peter Lager's GUI library and a very VERY rough ODE solving algorithm.

Made it a single smaller window. Looks more compact, and better to use. View zoom and center depend on Rho value, to keep attractor in better view.
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