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Simple data visualization two

Code just like mom used to make. Comments aplenty within to explain what's happening.

Very simple data visualization (part

Be sure to look at the code, which is copiously commented.

Simple building maker

Quickly built code that creates a (relatively unattractive) skyline.

Parallax Mtns

Parallax demo, 3 mountains deep, in a pixel art style. Expand the window (below) to see the whole thing.

Winded Flower_Class_Experiment

Same as previous, but now with a random (i.e., "noisy") wind and a cloud (actually, it's an SVG file).

NASDAQ chart test

Experimenting with simple charting functions, tracking a few random stocks via Yahoo! api.

Starbux demo file

Just plotting all known SBUX locations using lat/lon file I found online.
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