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pixelsorted, washed, and edited using one round of code, then put together using a second.

Wizard and Broomsticks(Final!)

Arrow keys to move, spacebar to unleash your wizardly powers!


This one is a blend between the original image that I glitched using text editors and resaving the file, and the previous rebelscum image which used a hacked version sean scanlan's pixelsort glitch.


A little glitch piece I made using a combination of blends and loops.

Wizards and Broomsticks (In Progress)

Defend your magical potion from the broom minions! Press 'SPACE' to shoot your wizardly beams of wrath and the directional keys to use your powerful levitation spell to combat the fiends from all directions!

Sound and level screens to come soon...still a work in progress.

Gringrich 2012!

Return Newt to his home and far from Callista!

(its a big image so you may have to paste into processing to view).

Carrot Top

Carrot top photo glitched with music.

Black Metal Carnival

immortal band members revolve around a yellow center point to the benny hill theme!


carrot top glitching with dead or alive playing. copy and paste code to processing for it to work properly.

Mondrian Painting

Kind of buggy for some reason?

Based closely on one of Piet Mondrian's paintings. Heres the link

Click to draw the squares and press any key to wipe the squares away.
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