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Snake Without Organs

The snake's body has no memory! Make sure to follow the organs led astray and bring them back before they go off screen. Also make sure you keep track of the mouth.

Not meant to actually demonstrate BwO.


Click the screen immediately to play, the arrow keys will change the direction, and just refresh to replay.

Still some bugs and quirky game play. Play delicately, and you will persevere. And beware, the tail extends in the direction of the end as soon as you eat the food! Black screen, you've died; white screen, you've won.


Two types of motion - one erratic, the other regular - both coded using manipulations of sine/cosine values. I found it interesting how the same 'form' of motion can resemble a bug flying into the same place in the window over and over again to get out or blades of grass gently blowing.

Riley Waves

Drawn using the cosine function and looping through ellipses.

Spinning plates and coasters!

An amusement park ride! It features a song that controls the speed. Unfortunately, it also features a camera command, which OpenProcessing apparently doesn't support. Copy and paste the code into Processing to view.

Creative Artists Agency

Creative Artists Agency (Los Angeles)
Sarah Morris. 2005. Synthetic polymer paint on canvas.

Any key will draw the painting. Use the space and enter keys to toggle the finishing line elements.


Simple moire patterns created using rotate, translate, and scale commands—along with primitive shapes.

Currently the proper background is not rendering...
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