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EXP025 Regrowth

Experimatic day 25
Wobbly rings grow out from the centre - click to regenerate.

EXP024 Tiled

Experimatic day 24
Randomly oriented tiles - click to rotate individual tiles.

EXP023 Rotary

Experimatic day 23
Rings rotate around the centre - move mouse to vary speed.

EXP022 Aerial

Experimatic day 22
A circling landscape of jagged patches.

EXP021 Structure

Experimatic day 21
Randomly generated columns rotate with the mouse.

EXP020 Victoria

Experimatic day 20
Arrow shapes radiate outwards from the centre.

EXP019 Bumblebee

Experimatic day 19
Coloured rings expand outwards.

EXP018 Crossing

Experimatic day 18
Coloured stripes scroll across the screen.

EXP017 Dragon

Experimatic day 17
A path of rotating starbursts follows the cursor.

EXP016 Multigon

Experimatic day 16
Lines and colours - click to generate a new shape.

EXP015 Firefall

Experimatic day 15
A cascading noise pattern - move mouse to shift colours.

EXP014 Cubism

Experimatic day 14
Pulsing pseudo-3d cubes.

EXP013 Wireglobe

Experimatic day 13
A wire sphere rotates around a pulsing circle.

EXP012 Separation

Experimatic day 12
Move the mouse to see the separate colour channels.

EXP011 Headline

Experimatic day 11
Randomly-generated robot heads roll past the viewer.

EXP010 Iris

Experimatic day 10
Geometric circles open and close based on mouse position.

EXP009 Strand

Experimatic day 9
A twisting strand of diamond shapes.

EXP008 Fish rush

Experimatic day 8
An endless stream of fish swim across the window.

EXP007 Ringlets

Experimatic day 7
Coloured rings follow the mouse cursor.

EXP006 Thunderhead

Experimatic day 6
A cloudy shape that changes over time - click to regenerate.

EXP005 Tracker

Experimatic day 5
Crosshair converges on mouse position.

EXP004 Featherscale

Experimatic day 4
Tiling pattern - click to change the colours.

EXP003 Churn

Experimatic day 3
Undulating pattern (non-interactive).

EXP002 Scape

Experimatic day 2
Move the mouse up and down to change the height of the plane.

EXP001 Kaleido

Experimatic day 1
Move the mouse around within the square to create kaleidoscope patterns.


Ambient tones generated from randomly bouncing boules.


A colour picker based on the HSL colourspace.


Make any image break out in pixellated flames.


Shadows move to follow the cursor.


A pulsing ball of colour.


Complex patterns from a simple algorithm.


A cloud of pixels chase the cursor.
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