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An example of functions. Really almost any of these sketches could be used as function examples, particularly if they contain classes, but I liked this one.

Panther Tank

Utilizing PImage. The tank will turn to aim at you if your mouse touches the general area of it. Should be a pretty obvious use of a technique.

Back and Forth

This is actually an example in the use of trigonometry. The Y movement was eliminated from a circular movement pattern, resulting in the easing seen at either end.

Fire Ball

A ball that bounces around, spitting out other balls that grow progressively smaller and change color. This was done through the use of an array. I feel this is a more in-depth example of array usage than a large amount of randomly generated circles.


This is an example using text in Processing. Also has a loop and an array thrown in to create the actual "matrix".

Electric Boogaloo

This is a good example of for() and if() loops. Also has an array for all the different circles. WARNING: Probably hard on the eyes. View in a well-lit area.

Scattered Circles

This is an example of an array of objects created via a class, and represents the class component of the portfolio. A circle class makes circles with random color, size, speed, and direction that bounce off of the sides of the sketch.
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