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There are some commented out functions in my code. They're cool to mess with too.


Data project.

It's about cartoon network.

Ben Blalock's Flashlight Guy.

Ben Blalock's Flashlight Guy.
He has two simple tasks:
Trying to light up the darkness, and trying to get you to help him.
He can get mean and frustrated, but he's just a lonely flashlight man. Please help him out.

Don't take too long, or go off of the color zone though.
Right clicking brings a new color that he wants to reveal.


Ben's Crazy Name Function

When you move the mouse, my name follows. If you let the mouse sit in one place my name will go crazy!!!

After a while the window will clear and start over again.

Don't click and drag though. You won't like it.
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ARTS 444: Interaction II, Spring 2012, UIUC


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