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A mapping interface.

Click and drag.

Super lean code I designed to run from multitouch imputs.

If you enable the commented out code the sketch will load an image directly from the google API.


click and drag originally designed for use with a TUIO where the anchor point would be the second touch point. That's why this code is written to run in realtime.

Uploading images from the web:
If you uncomment everything that has webImg in it this sketch will dynamically load content from google maps. I have ideas about what is needed to build a lean google maps platform but is sandboxing my code and my project is about data mapping so that is where I am devoting the bulk of my time.

Feel free to use this code but make sure to include the comments for code navigation.


This is the start of UI framework for a project I am working on. I hope to make it multi-touch soon.

Pendula wave.

This sketch is not reflective of what will happen is you use real pendulae. That is way cooler. Some things are just too hard to simulate accurately. But hey I discovered some patterns i've never seen before.


a class merry go round in processing

The Unpredictaball

It was fun to build this with someone. Honeing the motion was also a bit tricky. It helps to be able to talk with someone who is really knowledgeable on the craft of coding lots of boundry glitches that needed to be cleaned up. Gave it actualy colision-reflection as opposed to cheating with inverting x,y motions. Play around with it see if you can guess the pattern consistantly. -bb

The Impossaball

Weavermount helped debug and make this work.


Screen saver thing

A bouncing ball that does not use reflection
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collections and classrooms

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