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Gender and the New York Times

Compares the number of female and male pronouns on different pages of the New York Times website

Final Video Project

This video gets the hue from the pizxel from the center of the video capture and applies it to the entire video.
The Saturation increases over time.

Video project version 2

This project takes input from a webcam and recreates the video in the form of "bubbles." The size and color of these bubbles changes with time

Bubbles Video 1

Requires a webcam to work. Please download the code and enter it into processing in order to view.

Assignment 1 - Generative Drawing

Mouse is still - Circles pop up randomly all over the screen

Mouse moves - Circles follow the mouse

Mouse is pressed - Small scattering of circles

Mouse is pressed and moved - Colorful circles are scattered

Keypress - restart screen

MousePress Squares

A click exercise to get the hang of mouse commands.
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