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now with sound visualization


Javier (pronounced ja-vee-air) Java
is processing/javascript's new user companion
(think Clippy from microsoft word)

click on him if you need somebody to talk to while you write code


he is a B-Boy who was born with no body or legs...just feet.

-use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to spin the dancer horizontally
-use the UP and DOWN arrows to spin the dancer vertically
-use the SPACE bar to spin him on the z-axis
-press the letter 's' to change his size
-press the letters 'l' and 'r' to move him left and right
-press the TAB key to make him stop


hover over bar graph to see how much I spend in quarters (25 cents) on everything that deals with laundry

hw# 11.2

even shakier boxes!

hw #8

Drag the mouse to do some scribbling.
Press the keys "c" "m" or "u" to change the stroke weights
Press the bar to clear the screen and change the background color.

hw #7

Use your mouse to hit the nerd with the question mark. If you want to reset the question mark's position, press the spacebar.

hw 6

he's thinking...

hw #5

use you mouse to move the nerd around the screen

his eyes will go up and down

click and drag the mouse to give him a terrible headache from doing too much processing

hw # 4

draw a crowd

click to place faces on the screen[the eyes will vary based on location]

type the keys: k, y, r, e, E
to chang the colors of the faces before you click

hw# 3.1

click anywhere to draw shapes. [sizes will vary depending on the location clicked.]

drag the mouse to fill the
background with shades of black lines.

when you click to make shapes again, the color of the shape will be the same as the last random line.

to start over and clear the stage, press the space bar.

hw 3

click the mouse to draw some shapes. press any key to clear them from the stage and show the background again.
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