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Change MAX to change number of circles on screen.
Change DIAMAX to change the max size of the circles.
Change DMAX to change the speed of the circles.

hmwk 9

gives the sum, average, and sum of the numbers bigger than the average.

hmwk 8

press c, v, b, or ,n to make the design appear in different color combinations.

press the mouse buttons to make the boxes appear

Hmwk 7

Use your mouse to influence the ball to hit the nerd. Watch the eyes and mouth.


click to reset background.

hmwk 5

click sketch window first
press 'z' to increase the opacity of the background
press 'x' to decrease the opacity of the background
press the space bar to add initials
press mouse button to get rid of the initials


Press any key for bars to appear on the screen.

The y coordinate of the rectangles is determined by the number
of frame counts in between keyPressed and keyReleased.

click the mouse to change the background from black to white and then back.

**More fun if you tap to music. Multiple keys can be pressed at the same.


Combination of Hmwk3.1 and 3.2

Drag the mouse around...

RGB fill of ellipses changes with location of mouse.


Move mouse around...

RGB of fill changes based on location of mouse.


Move the mouse around...
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