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Christian Marc Schmidt

Basic mapping

translates lat/lons to a map

Keyword Matching

scans a text and extracts the top keywords, sorted by popularity. it filters out undesirable words using a blacklist.

Clustering Algorithm

creates a bubble chart using gravitational pull and collision

Bechers Zoom

variation of Bechers v2, with a zoom context/focus interaction

Range Min/Max

get minimum and maximum values for an ArrayList

Scatterplot Graph

a traditional scatterplot bubble graph

Scatterplot Layout

basic scatterplot layout, sorting indeces along the x-axis and color values along the y-axis

Layout Grid Clusters

basic cluster layout with grid pattern

List Layout

basic list layout algorithm

Cluster Layout

arranges a set of objects in radial clusters

Bechers v4

incorporates filtering into the Bechers example

Filter an Object Array

simple example to filter an array of objects

Sorting an Object Array

implements a custom class to sort a simple array of objects by index, and by color

Controlling Drawing Stack Order

Simple example showing how to change the drawing order (stack order) of a bunch of objects

load SVG object

loading an SVG file as part of an object class

load image object

loading an image as part of an object class

Simple Tween

basic motion tweening

Bechers v3

toggle between views using keys 1 through 6

Bechers v2

Sample collection visualization of the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher

Classroom object array

An example of how to use object arrays. Also uses tweening between sorts.


writing a game of pong using functions and objects

Critter Soup!

all of our critters combined in a single sketch


Random Motion and Easing combined


A circle moving back and forth across the screen.


Two circles colliding.

Line Graph class

This is an evolution of the line graph example we worked on in class, using a Class.

Basic easing

A circle moving towards the mouse pointer


Basic line graph using a continuous line

Random Pie Chart

Simple code to generate a dynamic pie chart using random numbers.
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