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Bouncing Booleans

Click to invert the colours.

Clown Functions

Draw three 'clowns' with different sizes and colours

Moving Line, Changing Colour

Playing with variables and conditionals.
Mouse press moves the line right, keypress moves the line left. When it gets to the end it loops back round. Colour changes according to line position.

Orange Eater HighScore

Orange eater game again with a high score counter and changing background colours.
Steer the blue guy to the oranges, speed increases each time you eat one.
Uploaded after the deadline so its not in the classroom.

Orange Eater

Was meant to be snake but it was hard to make it a snake.
Use arrows to steer and eat the food, you can't got back on yourself
'Snake' speeds up each time you eat an orange.

Head of a Snake Game

The beginnings of my snake game, the snake hasn't got much of a body yet, but it's still hard because of how much it speeds up. WOOSH

Use the arrow keys to steer. You can't go back on yourself so watch out!

Box Clicking

Sorry it's late. Boxes that loop around and change colour when clicked.

Clownman Takeover

this is stupid. Just keep clicking

Harry's Eyes

EYEs that:
// follow the cursor
// blink on click and hold
// do evils on 'e' press
// pupils dilate on 'p' press
// background colour changes by pressing r , g or b.
// any other button makes background black.

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