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Sam Scaife

Bus vortex

Adaption of code explaining transformation by Seb Lee-Delisle.


Game for processing uni project 2012.
its a bit buggy online download for best results. when you die there is an end screen if you wait, and there is a start screen if you wait!

left right = move
space = jump

my high score is 108 can you beat it?

the background music is Cider Punk Girl by Maru.

platform game wip

left & right - move
space - jump (you can only jump one at the mo which is my issue!)

I've built the jump and created some placeholder platforms but I'm currently having some issues with the jump.

its currently set up to a boolean to detect when you have pressed jump, then it will start the jump function withing the player update loop. It dose not however ever let you press space again as the boolean is never set to false.
what I want to happen is once you land the boolean is set to false and you can jump again.
if I set it to false in the collision detection however when

moving pirate

moving pirate for processing student project 2012

clickable buttons

buttons stop and change colour on click.

Student project 2012

expressive eyes

Click to open and close eyes

a pair of eyes for student project December 2011.
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