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Get circle to square, only moving on lit tiles.
Get more lit tiles by clicking ADVANCE or pressing SPACE once you have matched up your grid on the left with the little grid on the right.
It's just like Lights Out.

Once an adjacent tile is lit, the circle can enter it by using the ARROW KEYS on the keyboard or in the point-and-click interface.

The little grid will only be one click off from you at first, but every ten rounds he will add one extra move. You can keep track of how many moves the little grid is making per turn by looking at the yellow multiplier in the top right corner.


A simple visualization of rain and clouds.

Rotating Dots

Use the mouse to turn all the dots black. The sketch displays in the middle how long it has been since the white dots were reset. It also displays your "best time" on the top left.


Try to lock all three spinners as the same color. Q and W lock and unlock the top spinner. A and S lock and unlock the middle spinner. Z and X lock and unlock the bottom spinner.
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