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Let it snow

A particle driven snow weather - remember that there is a T³ the 6'th of December @ Open Space Aarhus. (

I use a "cellular automata" approach to smooth the snow, that is to move the snow that has become part of the background.

There must be a better way to make snow weather without doing a simulation as "world of sand"? Or would it just be a small modification to get the full simulation?

Anyways if you have a suggestion please let me hear.


Simple Particle effects

A/D : Add/Delete particles

l : toggle lines
b: toggle balls
v: toggle velocity arrow

c: clear screen
mouse click to reset @ mouseX,mouseY

Bouncy face

A simple spingmodel

Hilbert wraps Wolfram

Wondered what it would look like when a 1D cellular automata where wrapped on a hilbert curve .
0/1 : initialize random or single bit
f/F : fast / slow framerate
a/A : render "aging" a/A
s/S : 1000 or 10000 steps

r/R : rule +/-
t: random rule
p: a preset rule

Dithering Hilbert

Dithering based on Hilbert curves

* got the general algortihm from "Chaos and Fractals"

* used a very nifty trick from "Hacker's Delight" to calculate the hilbert sequence

interaction :
* mouseclick increases resolution
* digits [2-9] selects number og greyscales in palette - default is black and white


Et løsningsforslag til den sidste opgave første gang.


En simple partikel tegne effekt
Med et partikelsystem laant fra Daniel Shiftmann
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