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Perlin Background Generator

An albeit slow Perlin noise background generator. Run on your system to save files.

Any advice on how to speed this up and/or save more frames would be greatly appreciated!


2 10 Ohm var-resistors on an Arduino control Ellipse paramaters

Ellipse Drawer

Still not working exactly like I would prefer. The sideBar seems to be interfering with the execution of the code.


I modeled this after a Max/MSP/Jitter patch that performed more elegant options and drawing. That program took about 2-3 hours... this on the other hand took much, much longer. I did learn how to utilize classes and subclasses, but the program did not turn out how I hoped it would.

I made my usual mistake and did a top down design... this leaves the drawing area separated from the rollover menu, which essentially defeats the purpose of having a rollover menu. Regardless, it is fun to be able to manipulate the auto-drawer despite the fact that it pauses.

I did not have time to add an e


Extension of bouncing ball project... Made drawing of bgCircles more efficient.
Exploring gradient shading.
Buttons now perform the divide and multiply actions that the bouncing ball performed in the previous project.


random velocity circles change background properties when they bounce off the walls


Sun sets with mouseY and random located/sized stars appear as it sets.
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