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Alan Layt

Climbing Map

Gives information about various climbing locations around the world.

Post Code Demo

Another way to load data from csv files.

Tweet Processing

Simple script to read compiled data of ~200 of the most recent tweets.
Reads from pre-compiled local files as reading live data was a bit too slow.

Maze Game Map Editor

The map editor is even more rough than the game and after saving, certain details -such as the starting position and direction- must be edited by hand.

It still makes generating the maps far easier, not to mention being a lot of fun to code.

It reads the tiles from a single image which it decides and stores in a two-dimensional array.

Note: Online version will NOT be able to save. App will crash.

Right-most side of the map is cut off. This is due to width limitations on openprocessing

Group3 - Maze Game

Working version of the game. Currently 4 levels. Can easily add more.

I handled the map generator class and collision detection.

Group 3 - 2D blocks on a 3D plane

Background and 3D surface by Ron, I created the object class for the square stars.

Color Bubbles

Coloured Bubble splotching.
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