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Flashing Lights

Different coloured dots on a black background. Used to look like flashing lights.

Simple line animation

3 sets of lines, drawn from the center to random points on the screen.

Owls function

Static image of random sized and coloured owls.The code for the owl is taken from the getting started with processing.

Paint Tool Kit

I created a paint tool kit. I made the background image on photoshop with a few images just off of google. A menu is displayed initially showing you how to change colours, line thickness, clear and start drawing. You must press delete to start drawing on the notepad properly.

Trend Graph for average speed - Group

Our initial idea was to create a trend graph for mic Dundee which read in his speed and distance from another file which is a text and tsv file to show a trend graph displaying the average cycling speed for him and above the graph displayed a weather summary for Dundee pulled from bbc weather to keep him up to date with cycling. Although due to time constraints this week it became very hard to implement and we couldn't get the graph to draw itself yet but we hope to work on it and get the graph to generate soon and up on processing

Group 14 - Week 8 - Data Vis Bar Graph

We created a Bar Graph to represent the data in the top ten countries with the most millionaires in 2010. You rollover a bar to display the country and amount of millionaires in it and also below displays the growth rate in millionaires from 2009 to 2010 in each country.Once every bar has been rolled over the countrys and growth rates are listed from top country to tenth. We decided on a bar graph after we had a lot of trouble linking the data to our original design which was -

Week 8 - Data Vis

Our original idea but did not manage to link the data the way we planned on.

Group14- Assignment number 3

Our sketch is to be like a screensaver animation, with ellipses and rectangles bouncing off the walls and the use of a random fill to make the animation visually appealing.
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