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Group 10 - Digital Weather Station

Small weather app for Edinburgh region, must be run outside openprocessing and the controlP5 library must be available.

Downloadable windows exe @

Group 10. Whack a Mac

------- Whack a Mac -------

The rules of the game: shoot the apple logos on screen to score a point, the windows logo give's you 4 extra bullets and if an apple logo makes it to the end of screen your score will be deducted by 1 point.


Thanks to Marc Volkers HNC 3d Animation Dundee college for the extra background :)

Group 10, train animation

small flick book animation. Not very adventurous but basic animation created.

Group 10 sketch

shape in middle, 0.14 angle increments over 360degrees, 2 oval ellipses on x and y with very little opacity, team gave input and I coded because i missed out on first assignment.

Game of Life GenX

Final version with button and extra stat tracking.

Can your box handle the heat?
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