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Project Eyes Swapping

Press 's' to swap eyes
press 'r' lo load video feedback on face area

Run this applet in your machine. It uses OpenCV so it won't run in openprocessing


Data Visualization

HW 12

Screen Saver

HW 11

3d Controls:

Press Key 'Z' to zoom in & 'A' to zoom out
Press "S" or space Bar to Stop
Press Arrows to move fig UP, DOWN, LEFt & RIGHT
Press "R" to reset position
Press "X" for extreme zoom

Game - LaBolita

Wrapping animation + collisions

HW 7

Speed, Wrap around screen

3d experiment

Using 3d shapes and lights


user input:
Use keys up, down, left and right to change the position of the ellipse and drag mouse to change background color


User Input
Space animation
followed by

collections and classrooms

submitted sketches to:
CMU - Computing for the Arts with Processing


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