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Nathan Lee Trevino

3D camera exploration

WASD to move and the mouse to navigate.
This is a collaborative effort between myself and lots of examples from open processing. after exploring the Camera function, I wanted to learn and know more about 3D processing. This is the result

Sinefunction Timer

every minute and every second are recorded using this timekeeper.

My Clock

by Nathan Trevino

My Clock

by Nathan Trevino

First Game Design

Shoot the missle to gain points and slow down time, but as soon as you miss, time speeds up again. 4 lives is all you get. WASD to move and mouse to shoot and aim. get some.


a pretty simple code that I wanted to use some easy things and put them all together.

Thanks George Lucas and StarWars for the images and set pieces for this idea. A giant gun shooting circles wasn't as fun.

Hw5. While loop Test

Press Up to generate Random Rectangles. I feel like i really like random but I don't know why.

Talking Wall with Button!

with added flavor...
first button I have ever made.
Props to Golan Levin for AudioHandler

Talking Wall in Progress

My work in progress talking wall... It was going to have a button.. but that did not happen.
the AudioHandler and minim audio instructions are once again from Golan Levin. The audio application does not work in the browser but the code is correct.

Another Random Generator

2nd practice with the random() call function. Wanted some user input so I added the triangle creation with the mouse press.

Drawing Pad

I was running around today and made an interactive drawing pad. The color is based on where the mouse is and clicking makes it erase. Also... cool artsy note... randomly generated color or the circle are from a certain range of colors that match the 'base color'.

My Initials (now with curves)

Takes a while.... but is good wit friends. Like volleyball.

for Jim Roberts

Talking Man.

He is supposed to talk, but most browsers won't support the minim audio function.
My first audio input based project.

Now with sweet flower hat.

...oh he also follows the mouse cursor

the Audio programming was made by Golan Levin (artist and professor at Carnegie Mellon University), I just used it.

Initials! now with a sweet background!

I fixed the saveFrame error I made in the last one.

Nathan Lee Trevino

(Nathan Trevino) My Initials!

It is a simple rendering of my initials with a sweet cross-fade background.
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