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Thesis prototype v.3 (from sign)

For use in guided user testing -- likely makes no sense alone and the code is super inefficient!

Thesis prototype v.3 (my comment)

For use in guided user testing -- likely makes no sense alone and the code is super inefficient!

Thesis prototype v.3

For use in guided user testing -- likely makes no sense alone and the code is super inefficient!

Discussion viz 2.0

Version 2 of thesis prototype:
Click the screen the toggle between sorting options: discussions shown by time, type of people involved, and place of communication. Additionally, use buttons at the bottom of the screen to add more layers of information.

Next version will scale up the number of comment items in the viz and address visual design issues!

Discussion Viz 1.5

Very rough! Building on previous -- four buttons in right-hand bottom corner are toggle switches for different displays -- connections, sentiment, comment length. Click screen generally to change dot positions.

Text in left bottom explains what's shown.

Discussion Viz 1

Click on the screen and/or the black button in lower right hand corner to transition between visualization options. Text in lower left explains what's being shown.

Name With Dots

Click anywhere to watch dots move into formation. Click again to reset.

Just an exercise to learn about directing objects from a random location to a target location, in this case spelling out my brother's name!

Project 2: Rough prototype for my

This is a presentation prototype of possible ways to show the different documents involved in a specific development project.

In order to start exploring, click the upper left corner of the screen, then navigate through options via the gray buttons in the upper right.

HW 13 Information Viz

Total (non-farm) jobs in the US economy, from January 2007 through October 2011, as measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Please click through using the on-screen buttons.

(Apologies for the screen flashing now and then....I assume that's because my code is not overly efficient!)

HW 11: Control in 3D

Rotate and move the 3D leaf group via on-screen controls and keyboard commands:
Arrow keys to move leaf group up/down, left/right
'A' moves the group away, 'C' moves the group closer to viewer
'S' stops all movement, while the space bar resets all movement and rotation
'Z' zooms the group back along the z-axis 500 pixels, while 'X' returns the group to its previous z-axis location.
On-screen sliders rotate the group along each axis.

9: Doodling in 3D

press a key or move the mouse to change the doodle a bit. text looks ucky in 3D!

8: Basic game

Use the arrow keys to move the solid-color puck around and create collisions with the randomly moving object. Hit the space bar to reset the puck in the starting position. Stats display the speed of the puck, time played, and number of collisions.

7:Increasing and decreasing speed

Move the mouse to the right to increase horizontal speed. Move the mouse to the left to decrease horizontal speed. Mouse down to increase vertical speed, mouse up to decrease vertical speed. Press any key to reset.

6: MyFunction plus While loop

Use up, down, left, and right arrows to move formation in and out, or change size of circles.

Interactive circles

A sad version of tiddlywinks. Use the yellow circle, controlled by the mouse, to move the black circle around.

4:Dynamic initials

Move the initials with keyboard and mouse. Change the size with the up and down arrows, move side to side with tab and delete. Or drag around with mouse and see colors change.

Homework 3: Interact with anything

Move the mouse over the flower buds to watch petals grow! Click the mouse to clear the screen and start over.
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