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Project 2 (Irina Shumskaya, Jake
Coltrane, Ryan Coleman)

A walker system that detects edges based on the difference between black and white pixels, then modifies its behavior based on the encounters with these differences. The walker is restricted to orthogonal movements (diagonal in black, and horizontal in white). The trail that the walker leaves takes its color from the original color image by Manuel Duldulao.


Original Image: Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol
Code Integrated: Nick Senske "aveColor"

Project 1

Taken from the inspiration of the "Brick House" project by Mies, the composition of lines extend and intersect the field to create implied and inclosed areas. The lines are generated with an underlaying grid and are restrained by given parameters. With a click of a mouse the composition changes and the result is another variation of the given parameters.


Organized Randomness


Move the mouse left to right to see composition on the left and composition on the right react.


Move the mouse up and down to see movement and regulating lines.
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Computational Methods (ARCH 4050/6050), Fall 2011, UNC Charlotte


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