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Project 2

used class example and my spider web code

spider web

Use the random walk to make randomly colored bugs stuck in a spider web... i hope to be able to make a spider interact with the bugs (eat them).

Clown Fish

Used the examples dotfilter and colorPickEasy

duck, duck, GOOSE!

inspiration from class ex(tree and house nested loop)


Drawing Machine
the instructions are:
// draw a rectangle and fill it pink
// pick five line weights
// designate one of these five line weights to be drawn in the color blue
// pick a random spacing to keep constant
// draw lines the width of the rectangle each line drawn in a random line weight of the ones previously chosen, and in sequence starting at the top of the composition and going to the bottom.
// make sure that the line weight that is designated blue is drawn in blue and that the margin at the top and the bottom of the composition are equal.


i used spirogragh and spread the ellipse wider as well as added a rectangle and a circle


used for_element_nested and altered it to make a grid with ellipses and draw a line from each corner of the grid to the bottom right hand corner

loop assgn 4

this composes a series of arcs increasing in size on a background of randomly placed rectangles and then a series on live are drawn from a point.


lab example (random control) and help from sean.
the program draws random ellipses and rectangles. sizes determine the location it is drawn on the page. the heights and radius determine the color of each shape. orange small shape are on the left side. blue large shapes are on the right side. the top of the screen are green shapes

light switch

b_lightswitch by david bouchard feb. 3, 2011

a toggle between light on and light off
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collections and classrooms

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Computational Methods (ARCH 4050/6050), Fall 2011, UNC Charlotte


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