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Text Fractal

This applet demonstrates a nice recursive algorithm, used to place words so they do not intersect.

Oily Stratum

Tried to build something like this:

Shadows make it slower, so turn them off if needed.
Try different modes. I like this one:
size- 11
density- 4
speed- 0.2
angle- 5.8
number of items- 40!!!

Explode this!!

I thank authors of toxiclibs and objLoader for wonderfull libraries. I couldn't load an .STL file with toxiclibs, that's why I load an .obj file here. You can load any other objects and see what can happen to them!)

Key instructions and info on screen.


This project is based on Area and GeneralPath types. Each layer of tunnel is a set of circles, added all together. Try to play with parameters. Looks nice in full screen mode.

Wait some time (near 10 seconds) to let the noise() function make more tunnels. It looks much better.


First steps in learning of visualizers' hacks. This time it is the 'get' method, that makes a zoom effect, and using PGraphics.


My homework, had no time to make it much interesting, but I think I'll make it better soon))

sound abstract

Interesting project, I think. Sound code I took from example(I haven't learned this library yet).
Program takes colors from a picture. You can change picture to change colors.

sound circles

one of my first works with pixels and sound.
followed by

collections and classrooms

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