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Form 333B

3D Bézier curve subdivision demo by Raven Kwok (aka Guo, Ruiwen) | http://ravenkwok.com/ | raystain@gmail.com

Originally created as one of the generative systems for the project <Build the Cities> | https://vimeo.com/121096680

MOUSE - Rotate
W - Zoom In
S - Zoom Out
1 - Random Subdivide
2 - Reset

Keep Calm and Tickle the Doge

Hmm...I kept doing weird stuff these days...


'1' - Toggle Spine
'2' - Toggle Vertices
'3' - Toggle Body Segments
'4' - Toggle Body Texture
'5' - Toggle Head


A piece from my Algorithmic Creature series based on a recursive morphing hexagon.
You could check a higher recursive level version here -> https://vimeo.com/43752422
Or its further study "18F44" here -> https://vimeo.com/63090665


a,s,w,d for moving around, mouse for looking around.

Recently, I started to do some research work about CAVE at RPI emergent reality lab, trying to combine my old works with it. And I created this demo piece just for simple frustum calibration use.

And...you might be interested in finding an Easter egg.


A "warming up" sketch after a month-long vacation. Drag to generate a worm, or cut the existing worms on stage into pieces, enjoy.


via http://ravenkwok.com/2bcd/

Inspired by Ale's(http://openprocessing.org/user/12899) drawingMachine_10(http://openprocessing.org/sketch/34320).

Press 'r' to re-generate the pattern, enjoy!


I read through the first five chapters of Cinder tutorial(http://libcinder.org/docs/v0.8.4/hello_cinder_chapter1.html) in the past two days, and rewrote Hodgin's amazing example of particle system in Processing.

Keep the mouse pressed till you see the bunny!


Tweak_1 of my "p1212a_2012_mazeTypeface". Type and enjoy :)

labyrinth typeface

via http://ravenkwok.com/labyrinth/

Inspired by bitcraft (http://www.openprocessing.org/user/1720) 's "10 PRINT: Image Dithering ( Grayscale )" (http://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/82456).

Type and enjoy :)

note: Use "left" key to clear the last character as the backspace conflicts with the browser's previous page function.


A dynamic gasoline rainbow effect, enjoy :)


Use the paddle to catch falling particles and create a scene of iridescence.

Code refactoring on Jan 19th, 2014.


Inspired by Pete Hipwell's Sine Dive via http://openprocessing.org/visuals/?visualID=4324

I've modified the original code a bit to improve its readability. Also, I chose to use pixels to render the pattern. This may allow the computer to render a larger size faster. Enjoy :)


I created the first version of "520 x 780" when I was a freshman in 2007. It was based on Flash and portrait collages were preprocessed outcomes. The sketch here, however, is a 2.0 demo version which I recreated using Processing. The visual effect is kinda similar to "Operation Smile" produced by Firstborn and Microsoft.

Press "Right" to change the portrait. Enjoy :)


oct22a_2011 is small practice. The particles, which form this grid, can dodge your mouse track, while the grid is generated by Lee Byron's Mesh Lib. You may press "r" to reset the position of each point. The algorithm for the movement of each particle is the same as my former "Colloid Text". Hope you like it : )


You may press your mouse to regenerate the pattern.


aug18a_2011_colloidTextBasic contains part of the basic function of my recent work "Colloid Text". The complete version of "Colloid Text" can be viewed here. http://www.vimeo.com/28228896


Code originally written on Dec.6, 2010 as a study of PVector class, posted on OpenProcessing.org on Jul.9, 2011, re-visited and re-posted on OpenProcessing.org on Jul.12, 2016.


759F is a line generating process by a grid of invisible particles moving in a Perlin Noise path, producing a sort of weird visual effect. Enjoy :)

Press "r" to reset the sketch.
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