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Modified Wheeler Inductance Calculator

This calculates the inductance (In millihenries) for a circular planar spiral inductor.


This is a quadrature encoder based on the WW-12 Wheel Watcher encoders. They cost nearly 50 bucks for two of them, so we designed our own. This is a virtual encoder that allows you to see the signal and test different encoder disk styles and sensor arrangements.


Simulator for the wheel and encoder system contained on muribot. Demonstrates how we take the encoder ticks and translate them into speeds. For some reasons the speed will keep increasing on here, I'm not sure why, so copy the code into a new sketch instead of using OpenProcessing.


This fill will take a hex file made for the Microchip PIC16F microcontrollers and spit out a breakdown of the data in the file

Frequency Selected Sound Energy Beat

A dead simple implementation of the Frequency Selected Sound Energy Bead Detection B in Game Dev's Beat Detection article. Less than 70 lines including visualizations! Woot!

GW Gravity Well Particle Effect

I figured out how to do the geometry wars gravity well effect. This is a processing demo of the code I used to derive the effect.

Discrete Fourier Transform

Just a simple 400 point DFT. You can increase/decrease the sine with up and down. starts at 12hz and increase up to 12hz, and down to 0hz.


A toy to play around with PID values. Allows adjustment of Dt, Kp, Ki, and Kd. Click anywhere to change the setpoint.
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