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Color Blindness

Test for color blindness.
Click to generate new image.

Hexagonal Braid

Braid consisting of hexagonal elements.
Click to restart.

Miniature VI: Colorful bubbles

Colorful floating bubbles.

Move mouse over sketch to activate a new set of bubbles.

Miniature V: Curve

Just a dynamic lightly colored curve.

Move mouse over sketch for a new curve.

Miniature IV: White flower

White flower constantly evolving.

Move mouse over sketch to get a new flower.

Miniature III: Spiral

A chain of bubbles spiraling to infinity.

Move mouse over sketch to get a new spiral.

Miniature II: Colorful one

A rectangle of "boiling" colorful paint.

Move mouse over sketch to change colors.

Miniature I: Rectangular creature

Rectangular creature consisting on living cells.

You can "tickle" it with your mouse pointer.

After IKB 79

Tiny sketch after painting "IKB 79 by Yves Klein.
See for more info.

I leave it for a viewer to decide if this sketch is an art or just a cheep copy of the classic painting.

From coding side, I would like to stress that this is a really "tiny" sketch. Moreover, unlike most of other sketches submitted for tiny sketch competition, it is nicely formated and even properly commented :) .


Inspired by Loops Of Zen game by Dr. Arend Hintze (

Click to restart. Each time parameters used to generate lines will differ.


Click to restart. Each time parameters used to generate lines will differ.

Fancy Braid

Click to restart. Each time parameters used to generate braid will differ.

Variation of Complex Flower

This is a variation of my previous submission - Complex Flower (see ).

Click for a new flower.


Kaleidoscope was one of my childhood toys. Here is a Processing version of it.

Mouse-click to change pattern and color.

Random Flowers 3D

This is a autostereogram. If you view it correctly, you will be able to see animated 3D scene.

Click mouse button for new set of 3D flowers.

Color Tiles

Click mouse to reset

Complex Flower

Press any key for a new complex flower.

Color Vortex

Click for a new vortex.

Geared Monster

Created for Processing Monsters page by Lukas Vojir.
Mouse-click to restart.

For more info see

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