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See the original at
oroginal created by Akiyoshi KITAOKA, Professor, Department of Psychology, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan

Ionizing radiation waning sign

Generates an Ionizing radiation waning symbol

Square Packing

A rough and ready square packing program
used an array to hold the location of existing squares. Not very efficient but it works.


Draws random lines that fade from dark to light and back again over random periods


Simulates a dice.
Press the mouse to stop the dice.


A variation of Spirograph by Ali Khan, licensed under Creative Commons at

Used to create



R for rose
P for parametric
L for lissajous

move the mouse to change frequencies
don't drag outside the applet.

1, 2, or 3 when running Lissajous to run preset values

Note offline Applet version will not work with
Jave 6 update 21 use Update 20 instead

Simulation of Motion

Simulation of Motion by Rob Saunders


To keep the same stroke weight and scale a shape, divide the parameter of the strokeWeight() function by the scale value.

Slide 28

// Rob Saunders
// web:
// office: Room 274, Wilkinson Building

// A Little Trigonometry and a Bit of Randomness


// Based on loops
// by David Bouchard

Click mouse to change shapes

Bezier II

Move the mouse to draw curves
Click the mouse to clear the screen
Press any key to toggle fill

Lissajous 2

// Based on Microworlds LOGO code from
// repeat 360 [setxy (sin(2 * repcount)) * 150 (sin(3 * repcount)) * 150]


Draws a Lissajous figure.
Try different values for a & b
eg a=1, b=3; a=1, b=2; a = 3, b = 4; a=9, b=8;


Draw with the mouse on the black canvas.

Spiral v2

Creates a spiral.

Scintillating Grid

// Scintillating Grid
// Author: Rupert Russell
// October 2, 2010
// Schtauf, M., Lingelbach, B., Wrist, E.R. (1997)
// The scintillating grid illusion. Vision Research,
// 37, 1033-1038.

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