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Beiber Fever

Pulls live twitter feed and displays them on the screen then uses a predator prey function to spawn head crabs that attempt to eat Justin Beiber.

It is quite astounding how much conversation revolves around our pop idols of today. Personally I strongly dislike mainstream media such as music, video and culture. However, I discovered that much of what comprises modern popular culture is comprised of not only those who buy into it but of those who disapprove of its existence.
I wanted to show people that the love for pop culture is mirrored by the disapproval there of. To do this I chose a

We are souls

Compilation of three different finals from over the years to make one coherant piece


There is so much RAIDEN!!!!!!
special thanks to example form Chris Coleman

Mortal Kombat 2

music, mouse click and character animation.

Motal Kombat Skin

testing use of sound and classes.

The Kanoatrix Reloaded

special thanks to Steven for his help and precessing examples.

r = random color
f = faster
h = reset
b = backwards

8 Hours + of my life = the Kanoatrix

recieved help from Steven and from examples that came with processing.


My first graphical user interface, making buttons and if statements

You wanted 100 Triangles? WHAT IF I
GAVE YOU 9000!!!!

I had a little fun with this one. I tried to make processing crash. It still illudes me. dont forget to move the mouse and Click!


There are over 100 triangles in this if you hold the mouse in the exact right position.

seasure fish

use of if functions and random colors

Dino sketch

drawing with processing
followed by

collections and classrooms

submitted sketches to:
Technical Foundations spring 2011 - DMS at University of Denver


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