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The Quantified Self_3

A simple iTunes data histogram based on the release years of each track.

There will appear the name of tracks when mouse over the circles.


The Quantified Self_2

Using iTunes data to create a word cloud pattern, which shows the track name, and the size of the text is based on the play counts.


The Quantified Self_1
Data Visualization

iTunes album and play counts as the data

Eden experiment--Honeycomb3

change fill colour by the age accounter

mouse click to generate a new one

University of Canberra

Eden experiment--Honeycomb2

mouse click to create a new one

University of Canberra

Eden experiment--Honeycomb

generate a new one when mouse clicked

Master of Digital Design
University of Canberra


Draw flowers and give them function to move.

3D balls

create a 3D ball in the center, and the direction and colour are changed and followed by the mouse.

And another smaller 3D ball is following the mouse to move

water drops

Using class function to store a drop and using array lists to make more drops move

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