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Fourth Sketch

Still following basic techniques, I was able to produce an interesting pattern. The close repetition of the shapes allows us to see something completely different in contrast to a nicely spaced out design.

Third Sketch

This third pattern is quite different. I was able to create a button bordered with a square. The lines in the background is independent and is not repeated in each 'square' of the pattern. This is a concept that I still don't clearly understand.

Here I found out how to add a background colour.

Second Sketch

This one is a variation of my first pattern, I added a bezier on top of the basic shapes and changed the grid to an upright position.

I wanted the colours to contrast and chose colours on different sides of the spectrum.

First sketch

My first pattern, pretty much just played around with codes not knowing what they'll do. I was able to create a basic pattern without exactly know how.

Consists of stacked ellipses and a square. A grid in the background ties in the work together.
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