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Type composition using a quote by Robert Bulwer-Lytton. Ball of light image made by me.

Buy Ingredients

Illustrations done by me.

Mix it Up!

Mixing up the ingredients for a tasty treat. When you click and drag the mouse, as you stir the word "Mix" appears and starts accumulating in the bowl. All illustrations done by me.

Treats for Santa

Time to eat! Depicts the consumption of a sad snowman cookie and co. Illustrations done by me. Code worked on and adapted from an old class exercise.

Cinnamon rolls

Snowman pouring icing onto some tasty cinnamon rolls. Mmm, yummy! Illustrations done by me.


Decorating cookies for the holidays. Illustrations done by me.

Cookie Tray

Placing cookies on a tray, ready to be baked. Illustrations done by me.


Move the mouse to control the spreading of the frost.
Source code taken, modified and adapted from Generative Gestaltung, file P_2_1_2_01.pde -

Spilling Bowl

Press 1, 2 to switch drawing modes. Click to see original image. Picture of a bowl of sugar and nuts taken by me. Source code taken, modified and adapted from, files P_4_3_1_01.pde and P_2_1_2_01.pde.
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