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Final Musical Gluttony

A worm that eats food. With each morsel, it flashes the color of the food and plays a note. The more food, the longer the tune.

Credit to: Tim Jones, audio from etc. and some code from

Musical Gluttony 2

credit as per previous

and to Tim Jones for clearing parts up and helping when I got stuck


See Gluttonous Worm.
Click to spawn food. Eat to grow but dont be greedy.

Gluttonous Worm 4

See previous versions.
Added movement sound

Gluttonous Worm 3

based on some principles of the game Snake. also based on code from .
Rather than random colours, I've reduced them to fire coloured ones which helps the reasoning behind him exploding after eating too much. Also added right click & hold to keep generating food.

Gluttonous Worm 2

credit as per previous version.
I've smoothed the worm so it retains it's fluidity as it grows and added colour to it's 'food'.

Gluttonous Worm 1

based on code from
also based on some principles of Snake.
Trial of Gluttony.

Element Nature

Random leaf/plant-like imagery

Element Lightning

Random lightning imagery set within specifc boundaries

Element Fire

Random Flame-like imagery


Gradient BG with 2 quadstars.

Triangle Storm

Interesting storm of triangles.
Triangles only.

Which Way Arrows

Based loosely on my hand-drawn pattern.
Hard to see which way they're pointing.
The vivid contrast adds to the effect.

Thanks to Tess for inspiration.

Eyesore Flowers

Flowers are supposed to be beautiful. I think they're ugly.
Hence, these ugly 'beautiful' flowers.
followed by

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submitted sketches to:
Creative Coding DSDN142 @ Victoria University of Wellington


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