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    How does color mode affect lerpColor?
    Run to see.
    This app draws a narrow horiz strip 800 px wide,
    interpolating from color 1 to 2 to 3, across it.
    The top half interpolates colors in HSB, the bottom half
    in RGB.
    Witness the mud!
    size(800, 100);
    color one = #0033ee;
    color two = #00ee33;
    color three = #ee3300;
    one = #ff0000;
    two = #00ff00;
    three = #0000ff;
    // white to red to black -- HSB only affects red to black! weird.
    //one = #ffffff;
    //two = #ff0000;
    //three = #000000;
    for (int i = 0; i < width/2; i++) {
      float percent = norm(i, 0, width/2);
      stroke(lerpColor(one, two, percent, HSB));
      line(i, 0, i, height/2);
      stroke(lerpColor(one, two, percent, RGB));
      line(i, height/2, i, height);
    for (int i = width/2; i < width; i++) {
      float percent = norm(i, width/2, width);
      stroke(lerpColor(two, three, percent, HSB));
      line(i, 0, i, height/2);
      stroke(lerpColor(two, three, percent, RGB));
      line(i, height/2, i, height);
    textFont(createFont("sans serif", 20));
    text("HSB", 20, height/4);
    text("RGB", 20, 3*height/4);


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    Dan Bernier

    lerpColor mode

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    I wanted to see how mode affects lerpColor, so I threw together this experiment. Grab the code and try changing the colors it ranges over.

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