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  • // PVectors are like floats exept that they hold to points instead of one (x,y), a postiton!
    PVector Pos, mousePos;
    // You know what these are
    float Mouth =0;
    float change =1;
    float rot = 0;
    float rto = 0;
    float speed =3;
    int state =2;
    int score = 0;
    void setup() {
      //the size of the screen
      Pos = new PVector(250,250);
      mousePos = new PVector(mouseX,mouseY);
      //feel free to put this smooth fuction in if you think your computer can handle it
     // smooth();
    void draw() {
    // ingnore this V, it's just some failed math
      // Pos.x += ((mouseX - Pos.x)/abs( mouseX -Pos.x)/100) *100 +0.01;
      // Pos.y += ((mouseY - Pos.y)/abs( mouseY -Pos.y)/100) *100 +0.01;
    // ingnore this ^ 
      // sets a PVector for some math later
      mousePos.x = mouseX;
      mousePos.y = mouseY;
    //a switch statement is like an if statement exept it has multiple different states
    //depending on the number
      switch(state) {
        //case(0) is the game when it is running
        //checks to see which side the mouse cursor is on for math purposes
        if(mouseX <= Pos.x) rto = 180;
        else rto = 0;
    // some rotatonal math
        rot = atan((Pos.y-mouseY)/(Pos.x-mouseX))+radians(rto);
    // this makes the Chompy move towards the mouse cursor using more math
        Pos.x += speed*cos(rot);
        Pos.y += speed*sin(rot);
        speed += 0.01;
    //  mouth animations
        if(Mouth > 78) change = -10;
        else if(Mouth <= 0) change =10;
    //  checks to see if chompy ate the cursor yet. (Using more math).
        if(Pos.dist(mousePos) < 20) {
          noCursor(); // gets rid of the mouse cursor if it gets eaten
          Mouth = 0; // closes chompys mouth
          state =1; // sets the state of the game to 1 which ends the game
        else {// this is an else statement
          cursor(ARROW);// this makes your mouse cursor appear if it hasn't been eaten
          Mouth += change; // makes chompys mouth open and close
    //  score count and display
        score += 1;
        text("The score is " + score, 0,10);
    // A break function is simply a statement that stops the code in the case() from
    // continuing on for to long and just cuts to the end of the switch statment
        case(1):// case(1) is what happens after you get eaten
        // this displayes final score.
        text("The final score is " + score, 0,10);
    //  game over text and a scale to make it bigger, simple
        text("GAME OVER", 12,50);
        // this second scale is to prevent everything else from getting bigger
        text("Press a key on the keyboard to retstart", 130,350);
        if(keyPressed) state = 2;//sets tells the game to go back to the starting 
        //                         screen if a key is pressed
    // this break means that this is the end of the code that case(1) is soppoesed to run
        case(2):// case(2) oddly enough is what happens before the game starts
        //this resets some floats int and variables in case you decied to restart
        Pos.x = 250;
        Pos.y = 250;
        score = 0;
        speed = 3;
        //this displays instructions
        text("click me to start",100,100);
        text("don't let Chompy eat your mouse",260,350);
        //this checks to see if the mouse is being pressed. If so start the game
        if(mousePressed) state =0;
        // break here means this is the end of case(2).
      //and finaly we draw Chompy
      arc(0, 0, 40,40, radians(Mouth), radians(-Mouth +360));
    }// end of draw function


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    Jeremy Green


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    An addicting mini game where you have to stop Chompy from eating your mouse cursor.

    Jeremy Green
    22 Dec 2011
    yeah! High score of 1416
    22 Dec 2011
    2281! Fun.

    You might want to add more Chompies (?) instead of speeding them all up. That would be really fun!
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