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  • public class Tube {
      // Global Variables: these variables can be seen throughout the class
      color c;// color
      float a;// tube angle changes based on perlin noise
      float r;// tube length(radius) changes based on perlin noise
      float t;// tube width(thickness) changes based on perlin noise
      float x;// begin line x point
      float y;// begin line y point
      float xCenter;// end line x point
      float yCenter;// end line y point
      // Parameters: parameters assigned to these global variables
      float xoff;// for perlin noise
      float xincrement;// incrementer for perlin noise
      float tubeLengthMax;// max length(radius) of stroke
      float tubeWidthMax;// max width(thickness) of stroke
      float tubeAngleMax;// tube angle change max
      color tubeAccentColor;// tube accent color;
      boolean tubeAccented;// does the tube have ribs
      // Class Constructor: 7 arguments
      Tube (float _xoff, float _xincrement, float _tubeWidthMax, float _tubeLengthMax, float _tubeAngleMax, color _tubeAccentColor, boolean _tubeAccented)
        xoff = _xoff;
        xincrement = _xincrement;
        tubeWidthMax = _tubeWidthMax;
        tubeLengthMax = _tubeLengthMax;
        tubeAngleMax = _tubeAngleMax;
        tubeAccentColor = _tubeAccentColor;
        tubeAccented = _tubeAccented;
      // Update Method: controls the creating and drawing of the Tube
      void update()
        // Update Method Variables
        a = noise(xoff)*tubeAngleMax;// tube angle changes based on perlin noise
        r = noise(xoff)*tubeLengthMax;// tube length(radius) changes based on perlin noise
        t = noise(xoff)*tubeWidthMax;// tube width(thickness) changes based on perlin noise
        // Update Method Arguments
        xoff += xincrement;
        x = (cos(radians(a)) * r) + xCenter;
        y = (sin(radians(a)) * r) + yCenter;
        if(mousePressed == true){
          x = mouseX;
          y = mouseY;
        else {
        xCenter = x;
        yCenter = y;
      // inBounds Method: checks to see if tube is in view
      boolean inBounds(){
        if(((x > 0 - tubeWidthMax) && (x < width + tubeWidthMax)) && ((y > 0 - tubeWidthMax) && (y < height + tubeWidthMax))){
          return true;
        else {
          return false; 
      // drawTube Method: draws the tube
      void drawTube(){
        stroke(c, 240);
        line(x, y, xCenter, yCenter); 
      // drawTubeAccent Method: draws the tube accent(ribbing)
      void drawTubeAccent(){
        line(x, y, xCenter, yCenter);
      // resetTube Method: resets tube to center of screen and changes color
      void resetTube(){
        // select a new color and...
        ix = int(random(img.width));
        iy = int(random(img.height));
        c = img.get(ix, iy);
        // restart the line in the center of the screen.
        x = width/2;
        y = height/2;
    Tube[] tubes = new Tube[300];
    PImage img;// image var
    int ix;// x location of image pixel, used for color data
    int iy;// y location of image pixel, used for color data
    float tubeWidthMax = 10;// max width(thickness) of the stroke
    float tubeLengthMax = 3;// max length(radius) of the stroke
    color tubeAccentColor;// color of tube accent
    boolean tubeTrails;// turns on/off trails
    float trailAlpha;// higher#: faster trails, lower#: slower trails
    void setup()
      tubeTrails = true;
      trailAlpha = 50;
      img = loadImage("desert.gif");
      ix = int(random(img.width));
      iy = int(random(img.height));
      tubeAccentColor = img.get(ix, iy);
      for(int i = 0; i < tubes.length; i++){ 
        tubes[i] = new Tube(i, random(10)/1000, tubeWidthMax, tubeLengthMax, random(10000), tubeAccentColor, true);
        tubes[i].xCenter = width/2;
        tubes[i].yCenter = height/2;
        ix = int(random(img.width));
        iy = int(random(img.height));
        tubes[i].c = img.get(ix, iy);
    void draw()
      // functions
      for(int i = 0; i < tubes.length; i++){
    void trails(float ta)
      color bc= img.get(ix, iy);


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