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  • // animated image processing from a still image - jbum
     //   @pjs preload="/crash_logo.jpg";
    PImage    img;
    void setup()
        // Create an off-screen image, so we can read the pixel values
        img = loadImage("crash_logo.jpg");
    int fn = 0;
    void draw()
      float tmSecs = millis()*.001;
      // Zoom H and Squish V
      // blend(0,0,width,height,-1,1,width+1,height-3,BLEND);  
      // Zoom H and Zoom V
      // filter(BLUR);
      // background(255);
      // Draw a bunch of little triangles
      for (int n = 0; n < 800; ++n) {
        // Select a random location
        int x = (int) random(0,width-1);
        int y = (int) random(0,height-1);
        // Read the RGB color components of the logo at this position
        int clr = img.pixels[y*width+x];
        int rr = (clr >> 16) & 0xff;
        int gg = (clr >> 8) & 0xff;
        int bb = (clr >> 0) & 0xff;
        // Get a noise value for this location - use to control all random values
        float rn = noise(x*.0025+tmSecs,y*.01+tmSecs*.5);
        // rn *= rn;
        // Tweak the color using the noise value to lighten/darken it
        float cVar = rn*200-100;
        rr = (int) constrain( rr+cVar, 0, 255);
        gg = (int) constrain( gg+cVar, 0, 255);
        bb = (int) constrain( bb+cVar, 0, 255);
        // Reconstruct the color, and use it to fill the triangle
        clr = 0xff000000 | (rr << 16) | (gg << 8) | (bb);
        // Draw a randomly rotated,scaled equilateral triangle at this position
        float r = 4 + rn*8;
        triangle(1,0,            // cos(0), sin(0)
                 -0.5,0.866,     // cos(2*pi/3), sin(2*pi/3)
                 -0.5,-0.866);   // cos(4*pi/3), sin(4*pi/3)
    void mouseClicked()


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    Jim Bumgardner (KrazyDad)


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    Logo for CRASH Space, a hacker space in Culver City. I prepared this as an advanced example for my "Processing 101" class, to be taught at CRASH Space on Wednesday night, October 26th, 2011.

    The logo is made by drawing little solid colored triangles in random locations. The colors of the triangles are sampled from an underlying image of the Crash Space logo. The colors are slightly tinted (lighter/darker) by sampling some moving Perlin noise to create a moving cloud effect. A blend pass is used to create the impression of perpetual zooming.

    ale plus+
    13 Oct 2011
    I didnĀ“t notice that blend could be used to achieve this effect. Nice tip.
    If you shrink on one axis (say the Y direction) and expand on the other (say the X), it is also very cool, I got that idea from John Watson. It looks like

    Ported to javascript.
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