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Asher Salomon


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Physics based simulation of a musculoskeletal system.

Updated Tweak:

congratulations for your continuous explorations
Dustyn Roberts
27 Oct 2011
i would love this even more if your code was commented! really fun work.
excellent !
Riley Galloway
27 Jan 2012
I know who the next person to write the game "Dismount" will be :D
22 Mar 2012
why not a female character? I find this kind of discriminating...
Can it walk?
I can't even imagine how you did that!
(coz u didn't explain anything)
Agree with Dustyn.
Without comments I fell that Salomon is pumping his ego, more than sharing.
Dustyn Roberts
22 Mar 2012
I think sharing is awesome at any level of detail, but as a Processing beginner I'd just like to be able to follow the code better without reverse-engineering the thought process.
Asher Salomon
24 Mar 2012
Here is commented code. Have fun tweaking it.
25 Mar 2012
Very sweet!
8 Apr 2012
When you smash him around, i looks like what my brother does to me:(
Chris Morris
9 Apr 2012
all of you go on to AreaFractal, i recommend it
Nicholas Park
12 Apr 2012
this is awesome. @polar who said this was a male character? seems pretty gender-neutral to me
Tiny Miracle
26 Jul 2012
why it said "Cannot find a class or type named 'orient' " when I try to run the program?
Tiny Miracle
26 Jul 2012
I got it.......
alberto heredia
24 Aug 2012
how can i make it work on a browser without embedding? i mean take the whole code and do this:
.......code here
<canvas id="mycanvas"></canvas>
Very cool sketch.
Angel Sosa
8 Oct 2012
I love your work. I do have one complaint. When I download both .pde files and run them with the processing ide, it doesn't work. Is it because my processor isn't fast enough? Just asking.
mark ptak
11 Nov 2012
So very impressed! I hope you participate a little bit out at the Khan Academy computer science framework built on Processing JS.
Dustyn Roberts
29 Nov 2012
Thanks for the commented code! Just saw this. Looks like it doesn't work on the newest Processing 2.0b6 though, will try to get to the bottom of it.
toni holzer
11 Dec 2012
I want to start your sketch using OpenProcessing v2.0.
But the ragdoll is hidden.
It seems to run only with v1.5.1.

Do you have some hints or a tweak to bring it to run with v2.0?
Asher Salomon
24 Jan 2013
Apparently they fixed ortho() in v2.0
Replace ortho(... with ortho(0,width,0,height,-1000,1000)
It will work.
Bert Duvoisin
10 Feb 2013
Love this work. I'm just learning Processing and I'm also a developer for the LEAP MOTION device (mainly medical application of the device). I couldn't resist tweaking your 'biomechanics' using the LEAP libraries for Processing.

Here is a video with me playing with my first tweak:

I hope to make a sort of puppet attachment to my fingers. I'm still sorting through your sketch and learning what everything does (as well as learning JAVA). Thanks again!
Angelo Pappano
3 Mar 2013
I'd like to connect this to the Kinect i'm playing with... any thoughts?
Oh my god, you made this amazing simulation in just 679 lines of code? You are an absolute genius.
Amazing, would be even more cool if you could pin bodyparts stuck to play around with poses.

That said, amazing. Trully this is awesome XD makes a poor newbie almost scared of the dark when comparing this to my own stuff :D
24 May 2013
endless fun
jason lamberton
16 Jun 2013
Just joined. This will be a perfect starting g point for my sign language robotic hand controlled via glove input.
vishal yadav
27 Jul 2013
so fun!
Great work. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.
Press and hold SPACE to make the person dance
Marius Gerum
8 Mar 2014
That's some great, amazing work. Thank you for sharing this.
Like see him dancing :)
Michele Perniola
15 Mar 2014
great work... thank you... I'll try to attach a 6dof sensor!
3 Apr 2014
super excellent!
Asher Salomon
19 Nov 2014
Check out the updated one someone did.
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