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  • int l=99;int s=0;void setup(){size(99,99);textFont(createFont("",25));}void draw(){background(l);char c=char(l);text(c,43,74);text(s,10,30);if(millis()< 30000&&key==c){l=int(random(97,122));s++;}}


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    This sketch is running as Java applet, exported from Processing.



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    Joe McKay

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    Type the letter that appears on the screen! How many can you get in 30 seconds? Post your score in the comments. Refresh the page to restart the game. Hat tip to Kyle McDonald - I'd never used the textFont(createFont("",)) before. (contest wise this assumes that textFont(createFont does not violate the rules.)

    Kyle McDonald
    16 Aug 2009
    45. Not a bad game :)
    Joe McKay
    16 Aug 2009
    crap. I hate making games that I suck at. You're the current champ!
    Pall Thayer
    17 Aug 2009
    17 Aug 2009
    46, damned! ;-)
    Joe McKay
    17 Aug 2009
    If this program wins the 200, I'll split it with the camp! :)
    Joe McKay
    22 Aug 2009
    31 Oct 2010
    50! Yes!
    31 Oct 2010
    this time I got 58! (and i'm not lying)
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