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  • //Andres Kõpper
    //Processing class, IED Barcelona, Week 11
    //It is a sketch based on http://openprocessing.org/visuals/?visualID=9088  created by Antonio Radovcic.
    //But now with bigger particles which gives it sort of a retro look, which I like. I also changed quite a lot of parameters related to particle attraction.
    // If any key is pressed the attraction starts. If the mouse is moved it also affects the flying pixels.
    float r; 
    float g;
    float b;
    float a;
    float grav = 0;         //GLOBAL GRAVIty
    float drag = 0.5;      //Kind of likeimage inward gravity (std 0.5)
    float abstand = 5;    //Distance between pixels
    //practical properties
    float dicke = 1;              //SIZE 
    float traegheit = 5;       //The stifness (std 5)
    float PSchwer = 5000000;    //Attraction to original POSITION (std 1000000)
    float PMinDist = 900;    //MINIMAL distance for attraction (std 300)
    //Properties of the mouse
    float MSchwer = 100000;        //Attraction to mouse (std 400/800)
    float MMinDist = 40;       //MINIMUM DISTANCE OF THE ATTRACTION OF THE MOUSE (std 1)
    String bildName = "london3.jpg";
    float bg = 240;
    float strokeCol = 255;
    //Import Traer Physics for the particle system
    import traer.physics.*;
    ParticleSystem physics;
    float[] pixelX = new float[0];
    float[] pixelY = new float[0];
    Particle[] flying;
    Particle[] attracting;
    Particle mouse;
    PImage bild;
    int zaehl;
    void setup() {
      bild = loadImage(bildName);
    noCursor();// Also added NOCURSOR for if later it is desired to capture screen then therese is no cursor.
      //standard processing setup
      size(bild.width, bild.height);
      stroke(#FF820D);//The color of the text
      strokeWeight(4); //The size of the text pixels
      physics = new ParticleSystem(grav,drag);
      physics.setIntegrator( ParticleSystem.MODIFIED_EULER ); 
      //Create the arrays for the pixels
      for(float i = 0; i < bild.width; i+=abstand) {
        for(float j = 0; j < bild.height; j+=abstand) {
          color c = bild.get(int(i),int(j));
          float r = red(c);
          if(r < 100) {
            pixelX = (float[]) append(pixelX, i);
            pixelY = (float[]) append(pixelY, j);
      //Particels make every black pixel to receive a assigned flying solid particles. 
      //Between these two theattraction (attraction) is generated, which ensures that the particle
    // goes back to their original place do
      flying = new Particle[pixelX.length];
      attracting = new Particle[pixelX.length];
      mouse = physics.makeParticle();
      for(int i = 0; i < pixelX.length; i++) {
        flying[i] = physics.makeParticle(traegheit, pixelX[i], pixelY[i], 0);
        attracting[i] = physics.makeParticle(1,pixelX[i], pixelY[i],0);
        physics.makeAttraction(flying[i], attracting[i], PSchwer,PMinDist);
        //The mouse gets assigned to a particle, which attracts everyone else
        physics.makeAttraction(flying[i], mouse, MSchwer,MMinDist);
    void draw() {
      mouse.position().set( 10000, 10000, 0 );
      if(keyPressed == true) {
        mouse.position().set( mouseX, mouseY, 0 );
      r = random(2,10);
      g = random(15,16);
      b = random(3,14);
      a = random(0,3);
      for(int i=0; i < pixelX.length; i++) {
        //How many times a pixel is at each particle location
        point(flying[i].position().x(), flying[i].position().y()); 


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    Andres Kopper

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    Andres Kopper
    16 Jan 2011
    The sketch is an adaption based on "Cant destroy love"

    Press a key and move the mouse over the frame so that the particles could follow.
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