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  • //declaring the variables for RGB triangle dimensions
    float red;
    float green;
    float blue;
    float alpha;
    float trianglew;
    float triangleh;
    float num;
    int counter;
    //instructions to create the new circles
    Circle myCircle = new Circle (10, 150, 5);
    Circle myCircle2 = new Circle (10, 90, 6);
    Circle myCircle3 = new Circle (150, 150, 10);
    void setup() {
      //set window size
      size(900, 500);
      //set background to a randomly generated color
      background(red, green, blue);
      counter = 0;
    void draw() {
      //white text with size 14
      //centrally aligned text
      //values for the variables
      //randomly generated red, green and blue decimal values
      red = random(55);
      green = random(55);
      blue = random(55);
      //randomly generated alpha value up to the decimal of 155
      alpha = random(2);
      //randomly generated heights and widths of the triangles
      trianglew = random(width);
      triangleh = random(570);
      num = random(600);
      //randomly generated color and dimensions of triangles from mouse co-ordinates in window
      fill(red, green, blue, alpha);
      triangle(trianglew, triangleh, num, num, mouseX, mouseY);
      //randomly generated color of "mouse clicked" circles in window
      fill (red, green, blue);
      //randomly generated sized circles from mouse co-ordinates when clicked in window
      if(mousePressed == true) {
        ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 175*sin(counter), 5*sin(counter));
      //calls the update for circles colliding with window walls
      myCircle.checkCollisions ();
      myCircle2.checkCollisions ();
      myCircle3.checkCollisions ();
      //calls the update for the speed of the circles
      myCircle.update ();
      myCircle2.update ();
      myCircle3.update ();
      //calls the update to draw the circles
    class Circle {
      //defining the circles, speed and position
      float x;
      float y;
      float xspeed;
      float yspeed;
      float circleSize;
      Circle (float xpos, float ypos, float cSize) {
        x = xpos;
        y = ypos;
        circleSize = cSize;
        //creating a speed for the circles
        //adding random changes from -25 backwards speed to +25 forwards speed
        xspeed = random (-25, 25);
        yspeed = random (-25, 25);
      void update () {
        //update function as another class to the circle
        x += xspeed;
        y += yspeed;
      void checkCollisions () {
        //checks the collisions to prevent the circles from exiting the window
        //if x is less than or more than window width, minus speed
        if ( (x<0) || (x>width)) {
          xspeed = -xspeed;
        //if y is less than or more than window height, minus speed 
        if ( (y<0) || (y>height)) {
          yspeed = -yspeed;
      void drawCircle () {
        //set randomly generated color sizes
        fill (random (255), random (255), random (255));
        ellipse (x, y, circleSize, circleSize);
    void keyPressed() {
      //resets the interaction when space bar is pressed
      if (key == ' ') {
        background(red, green, blue);
      //screenshots the interaction when enter is pressed
      if (key == ENTER) {


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    simon phillips

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    fun with circles pt4!

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