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share design methods, inspire and collaborate, develop custom tools leading towards full scale manifestations of open source culture!

o_a_o_d is an initiative using already functioning social network services to link methods, tools and techniques with their effects and back.
this way we are building a networked body of multiple feedback loops between makers, users and spectators while blurring these categories.

we are focused on custom tools creation, evolution and evaluation since these can be shared with broader communities and -if proven useful-assist bottom-up design and building processes.

feel free to submit anything useful for designers, architects, city planners or urban thinkers. from very pragmatic to entirely imaginary.

if you are using these apps in any context [architecture, design etc] please show it!
link it with your work [pics, video, blogpost] to give feedback to the authors and fellow users/spectators.

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important code repositories:

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linked with other media, well commented, we need more of these...

videos available at:
2d or 3d graphics, patterns or structures. imaginary spaces. awesome or awful.
ready or sketchy design or fabrication tools. general or specific
+not-@-openProcessing: computational design tool
toxi's facade design tool
ready or sketchy visual communication tools.
+ specific data visualisation sketches

large scale thinking. observing and managing linked processes. city as a trace of open source culture.
understanding by interaction
openArchitecture.history on vimeo